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Lima's Handy Man FAQ

This page covers frequently asked questions in regards to our services. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please contact us directly and we will address your issues personally.

Electrical FAQ

One of my breakers tripped. Is it dangerous?

Tripping breakers are usually the result of an overloaded circuit, which isn't a danger in itself. We recommend, if that is the case, that you try running fewer appliances on the circuit, which should fix the problem. If however an overloaded circuit is not the source of your breaker tripping, you might be dealing with something more serious like a short, defective wire, plug or socket, in which case we recommend you call us immediately.

Can I install a larger fuse to prevent it from tripping?

In most cases the answer is no. Fuses are designed to blow when the charge reaches a certain level in order to protect both your appliances and your safety.

The plug from our dryer doesn't fit the receptacle in our new house.
Can I fix this?

If the receptacle doesn't fit the plug, it will need to be changed. Again, we strongly recommend you give us a call.

What is a transformer?

A transformer is a device that converts voltage. In most homes, transformers reduce the voltage for use on low-voltage equipment, such as thermostats and doorbells.

At Lima's Handy Man, we believe that routine maintenance and common sense can help you through most basic electrical issues. For instance, if a light's out, start by checking the bulb, but before you undertake any electrical project, you definitely want to consult a professional. Here at Lima's Handy Man, we're more than happy to help you with any electrical issues you might have, but we offer these simple electrical tips to help you better maintain and identify electrical issues as part of our ongoing effort to provide the best possible electrical services to our customers.

Electrical Tips

  • Circuit - This is the path an electric current travels from where it enters your house, through a panel, across wires and finally into an electrical device, then back to its origination point.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter - Known as the GFCI, this is a special circuit breaker installed in bathrooms, garages, and outdoors and garage locations. When a current leakage occurs the GFCI opens the circuit immediately, stopping the electri[City] from running to it.
  • Circuit breakers - Heavy duty safety switches that serve the same purpose as fuses.
  • Grounding - This requires all metal parts of any wiring system or anything connected to it will be maintained at 0 volts during a short circuit to protect shock or death.

All wires are color coded. Hot wires are usually black or red but could be another color (excluding green, gray or white) and should be marked for safety's sake. Electricity can be dangerous when working with it so safety must be considered first and foremost. Never work on a live circuit, always make sure electricity is shut off when working on receptacles, switches, or anything that runs on electricity. In fact, when changing a fuse you must shut off the main disconnect. If your troubleshooting doesn't provide an answer or the job is more than something simple that you can safely, capably handle, contact us. We're ready, willing and able to help.

Plumbing FAQ

Why do faucets leak?

Leaks occur when seals inside the faucet become dirty or worn. Though you may choose to replace worn parts, replacing your old faucet with a new one can upgrade the look of your kitchen, bathroom or tub/shower decor and avoid further repair problems.

Why do some faucets cost so much more than others?

Some faucets are simply made better than others with higher quality materials such as solid brass or chrome-plated solid brass to achieve superior levels of appearance, performance, and durability. Although you may pay more for a quality faucet, you will receive a higher value for your money as a result of a longer-lasting and more reliable product.

Can I replace my two-handle faucet with a single-handle faucet?

The answer in most cases is yes. Generally, faucet dimensions and sink openings are standard throughout the plumbing industry. There are few exceptions however, so it is a good idea to check sizes first.

How should I clean polished brass faucets?

To remove dry water spots, use warm water and a soft, damp cloth. Never use cleansers that contain abrasives, harsh chemicals, alcohol or other solvents. To maintain the lustre of your decorator faucet, occasionally apply a high quality automotive wax - making sure that it does not contain abrasives.

Why doesn't my old water heater work as well as it used to?

This is usually due to a sediment buildup in your tank. As water heaters grow older, they accumulate sediment and lime deposits. If these deposits are not removed periodically, the sediment will create a barrier between the burner and the water, greatly reducing the water heater's performance level. This results in an increase in the amount of fuel required to deliver hot water.

What is meant by a "pressure balancing" shower faucet?

A pressure balancing shower faucet senses fluctuations in hot or cold water pressure, caused by actions such as flushing toilets or starting dishwashers. A pressure balancing valve compensates for these fluctuations, keeping the water temperature constant and comfortable.